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Bienvenue en France!

Welcome to France! Once you’ve made the crossing over the Channel, there are some basic rules you’ll need to follow to ensure your journey onwards is a safe one: – Always drive on the right hand side of the road! – A sign with a blue background and a small letter and number in either […]


The Eiffel Tower as the Greatest Achievement in World History

The greatest achievement in the history of the world ~ the construction of the Eiffel Tower! Why? For the first time in history the present was able to crush the past with all their rancor and thrust humanity forward into a new age with the sword of science.


Paris, France Wedding Ideas With An Eiffel Tower Flavor

Whether you’ve lived in France at some point in your life, had a great visit there, or you just dream about having the opportunity to take a trip there someday, having a French theme for your wedding can be one of the most beautiful, romantic themes that you could choose.